Hard Wyred is a cyber-punk, action comic where a small cyber attack could be what spells the end for the online world.

Hard Wyred tells the story of Sam Wyerznowski, a down-on his luck man seeking to redeem himself in in the eyes of his long time crush. When his boss comes calling with news of a cyber attack, every siren in Sam’s body screams to decline the job. Yet, with bills piling up, Sam finds himself pulled into the job and back to the world he helped create.

As the target of the cyber attack and the person behind it become known, Sam may yet have his shot at redemption… although the costs in taking it may be his undoing.

  • Successfully Kickstarter in May, 2015.
  • Written by new comer Erik Bitmanis.
  • Drawn by Ross Zucco (Comedian)

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